March 5-7, 2021
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Chromatic Shine – Exploring Colored Metallics

Lauren "OneBoot" Cowles

Intermediate Painting

Sunday, March 7 2021

11:00 - 12:30

Are you tired of painting all of your weapons and armor in silver? Have you always wanted to experiment with different colors of metallic paint? Do you want to mix your own metallic paints like a mad scientist? If so, this class is for you! In this Intermediate-level course, we will cover layering metallics with regular paint, how to mix your own colored metallics, shifting colors through washes/glazes, and the unique properties of demi-metallics. An acrylic metal medium is STRONGLY recommended to get the most utility from this class.
Wash and dry the miniature(s) thoroughly. Completely cover the miniature(s) with dark brown or black; Brown Liner works well as this initial "primer" coat for Bones plastic.
77921 Annoyed Rocky, 77044 Turanil, Male Elf Paladin, 09300 Wash Medium, 09453 Filigree Silver, 09452 Blade Steel, 09450 Dragon Gold, 09094 Clear Red, 09097 Clear Blue, 09095 Clear Yellow, 09099 Clear Purple, 09100 Pearl White, 09006 Fire Orange, 09103 Emerald Green.