March 5-7, 2021

Reaper Virtual Expo

  • When: March 5-7, 2021
  • Where:
  • Admission: FREE!

What is Reaper Virtual Expo?

Reaper Virtual Expo, or RVE, is Reaper Miniatures’ free online event! RVE brings the best miniatures artists in the world together to provide online classes and panels covering a wide selection of hobby interests.

Since 2004, Reaper Miniatures has been bringing people together to connect their hobby and love of miniature painting, tabletop gaming and geek culture. In 2020, we held ReaperCon 2020 Online – our first online convention – with great success!

ReaperCon Online 2020 was an amazing experience and we learned so much. Most of what we absorbed is that a massive part of our fanbase is unable to physically attend ReaperCon. For that reason, we are starting our annual Reaper Virtual Expo. This online event will allow fans around the world to participate in their hobby from the safety and comfort of their own home.

As with ReaperCon, each show will have a unique theme. In 2021, Cyberpunk is our theme complete with new factions, new miniatures and new stories.

What is there to do?

  • Miniature painting classes
  • Sculpting classes
  • Airbrush classes
  • Conversion and modeling classes
  • Hobby centric discussion panels
  • RPG and tabletop game events
  • Access to individual artist chat rooms
  • Dealer and sponsor area
  • Prizes and activities throughout the show

How do I attend?

  • Just make plans to attend. It really is that simple.
  • Do you need to pre-register? No
  • Do you need to buy supplies? No
  • Are classes and events limited in size? No
  • Do you need to buy special software? No
  • Are we serious? Yes

Who will be doing these classes and events?

Hobbyists like you from around the world that will be streamed in for their particular classes or events.

Last years event had showcases from:

  • Aaron Lovejoy of Miniature Monthly
  • Rhonda Bender of Bird with a Brush
  • Michael Proctor of The Crow’s Nest
  • Michal Schultz of Mocha Miniatures
  • Ian Markon
  • David Cecil
  • Erin Hartwell
  • Holly Monster
  • Art of Mike Disney
  • Jimmy the Brush and Princess

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