March 5-7, 2021
Reaper U Schedule

Realistic Horror, all the gory details

Dave Cecil

Intermediate Painting

Friday, March 5 2021

19:00 - 21:00

Whether its a horde of zombies, battle hardened mercenaries, action posed miniatures, or building a diorama, a few gory details will bring it to life, even it is already dead. This hands on class will teach and allow practice on several techniques to add horrifically realistic blood and gore effects to miniatures. Students will learn skills to add blood splatters, blood drips, even blood action sprays. Class will also cover adding distrubingly awesome gore in the form of hanging guts, entralls and ripped skin. Burns, broken limbs and severed heads are just a click away. Time to make a controlled mess to either creep out the players of your horror game, or take your zombie diorama to the next level. A students who want to follow along, will want to have a few zombies on hand, some various colors of paints and a few well worn brushes and a strong stomach.
This is up to the student, for practice there is no need to prepaint the minis, but they should at least be washed and ready to paint. Once the effects are added, painting will be difficult, so if the student wants to prepaint the miniature to keep it after the class, that would be best.
Zombies 77053, gloss sealer 09298, gory red 09278