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March 5-7, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Reaper Virtual Expo?
We understand that not everyone can get to Texas to participate in ReaperCon. Because of Covid-19, we took ReaperCon online in 2020, and the response was amazing. We thought to ourselves, we should make this a regular thing so everyone who can't get to Denton can still benefit from the fun and learning of ReaperCon. So we're launching the Reaper Virtual Expo.

Our first RVE will start Friday, 5 March 2021 and run through the weekend, ending on March 7.
What time zone will the event be in?
We're in Texas, so all the times will be Central Time.
What's a class kit?
Class Kits are the bundled sets of paints and figures that our instructors will be using in their classes. You will need to purchase one ahead of time for your class if you want to follow along at home with the instructor, but they are not required to take the class. No purchase is necessary to watch from home.
Will there be an online painting competition?
Yes and no. We'll have a showcase that features #hashtag entries on the various social media platforms. Our judges will select their favorites.
Is it too late to sign up to teach a class? I have a few I can teach.
Please email questions@@reapervirtual.com for all inquiries regarding teaching.
How do I register for the Reaper Virtual Expo?
Registration will be announced soon, as well as other details regarding classes and the painting contest.
What do I need for the Reaper Virtual Expo?
  • Discord will be our main hub. Think of it as the "main hall" at ReaperCon. Discord will have resources and links for all other avenues and serve as the main place to virtually rub elbows.
  • Zoom will be used to host classes in conjunction with Twitch. We'll have a schedule and more info for classes later on.
  • Class Kits are optional, but handy if you want to follow along at home. We will be posting these for sale at a later date at www.reapermini.com.
I have other questions. How can I contact you?
What are the scheduled days for the Reaper Virtual Expo?
The Reaper Virtual Expo will kick off Friday evening, March 5th and will go through Sunday, March 7th. We'll be posting a full schedule soon!
I'd like to run a game or event for the Reaper Virtual Expo, whom do I contact?
Please email questions@reapervirtual.com for all questions regarding scheduling events.