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March 5-7, 2021
Quad-Color Clash
Picked four colors that clashed, two that don't even exist as they're samples, because Lovecraft=madness.
Lurid Lou
Dragon Rogue
Lee Johnson
I wanted my finished piece to represent my roller derby family, so I chose the colors of one of my affiliated leagues, pink and green. The metallics came from the Expo Punk Box. I made a wash out of the Dragon Black, thinned with water, for some extra accents.
Athak, Undead Knight
Frenchie of Deer Heart Art
A creature from blood reef painted in Mercuries option 2 colors with black and white.
Creature from Mercury Reef
Jared Greenwald
Mushroom Maiden
Apryl Mott
Lorelei dryad in all greens, except for the black(nightmare) and white.
It's easy being green
Every war needs a boss.
Kavorgh, Orc Warboss
Robert Goldade/clavicus81
I used Twilight Purple, Marigold Yellow, Cactus Flower, and Ultramarine Blue as my four colors as well as Pure White and Pure Black
Angel of Mercy
On The Road To Tiamat (Margaret)
Bloodcrest Smasher
Casey Bacon
Cosmic Color Power
Reaper Bones miniatures 77515 Merrow, sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Sea ogres are best ogres.
Fishy Ogre
Steve Skeleman
Loved these guy since they came out!  Such great personality!
Gang of Norkers!
Sara Pullman
Arkos Jumper  29114, 29118, 29104, 29116
Arkos Jumper with RVE colors
Sara Pullman
Whipping Up Evil
Mandy Rozema
Khromatic Miniatures (Kelsey Hattam)
Sea hag in five whites and black.  I'm just making this hard on myself.
The hag in (off)white
Little goblin warrior, so tiny and fierce!
Goblin Warrior

Quad Color Clash

The Quad Color Clash is an event created by our partners at Aetherworks in Sydney, Australia.
The Quad Color Clash is an event that is as easy or as difficult as you’d like to make it.
Still with us? We hope so

  • Choose four MSP Paints of your liking. In addition to these four paints you will also get to use Black and White for a total of 6 paints to create your palette. (Core Colors, Bones, Pathfinder, HD, or even Pro-Paints)
  • Choose a Reaper Miniatures model. Any model that suits your fancy.
  • For submitting you need to have a before and an after photo of your model with the colors you have chosen!
  • Paint that model using only the 6 colors of your palette. (Only white, black, OR grey priming will be allowed)
  • You will need a before picture and an after picture like the submission example. 2:1 w:h ratio. The final image will be resized to fill a 1000x500px space.
  • Once submitted, your entry goes into an approval queue where it will wait for us to review it for content. Reaper reserves the right to deny the posting of any image that does not meet our community guidelines for approriate content.
  • Deadline for submissions: Sunday March 7th 12:00 PM Central.


The entries will be looked at by Reaper staff and industry professionals. They will each choose 5 entries as their “Reaper Pick” Each “Reaper Pick” will be awarded $20 in credit to Reapermini.com with the email provided during submission!