March 5-7, 2021

Here are all the vendors that helped us create a virtual Exhibitor Hall for ReaperCon Live! Please make sure to visit all of our amazing vendors over in the ReaperCon Live Discord under Brinewind Merchants!

We'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to all of these participating vendors! And to our Premier Vendors, here's a special head nod and fist bump! These wonderful folks have agreed to provide some extra special giveaways that go directly to our ReaperCon Live attendees!

For a full list of giveaways, and to check out Master Schedule, please visit theĀ ReaperCon LIVE Discord.

At Atlantis we have all your tabletop gaming needs! We sell board games, TCGs, RPGs, Miniature Games. We also have hobby supplies and lots of nerdy collectibles!

Game Tables for Real Life! One table serves as both a sturdy and beautiful Indonesian mahogany dining table (or kitchen or coffee table!) and as a gorgeous game table! We also make matching chairs and benches.

Our premium ceramic dice are hand-crafted from a special mid-fire clay that is both durable and beautiful. These custom high-strength ceramic dice feature an amazing weight and feel in your hand and produce a unique sound when rolled. We have an uncommon product that your gamers who are looking to give a gift or upgrade their gaming gear will love to get in their hands!

DNDElise is a published game designer of Ennie nominated best selling content on the DM's Guild. She has been a contributing writer to Blackstaff's Tome of Wizardry, Uncaged, and Halaster's Hoard. She is also the project lead for Through the Veil: Tales of the Feywild which was recently released in print and PDF on the DM's Guild. Follow DND on Twitter and Facebook @DNDElise or email for any inquiries

Fantasy Adventures featuring RPG's, Comics, In-store Gaming, Creative Creating, How To Classes.

Purveyor of dice and gaming accessories

We sell miniatures games and supplies and have exclusive partnerships with several European manufacturers. We also provide 3D printing services.

Noble Knight Games - The largest selection of table top games in the world is at your fingertips! The hottest new releases and hard to find vintage games, board games, card games, miniatures, dice, paints, supplies and more are shipping world wide, every day. Visit our website to Complete Your Quest!

Nomnivore Games Inc. is an indie game studio from Ontario, Canada that is committed to making tabletop games accessible while respecting the long tradition of what makes them fun.

Fast delivery and friendly service on thousands of your favorite gaming products when you shop online with Shop for gaming miniatures, paints, tools, dice, games, cards, and so much more. Free shipping starting at $35, with Free 2-4 Day Shipping on orders of $49+.

Platyfly Studios offers fantasy-inspired handcrafted clothing and accessories. We cater to adults of all body types and gender identities who love whimsy, gaming, and quality handmade goods.

Stokes Design Studios is a Denton Texas based design studio creating role playing notebooks, prints, stickers and pins.

We sell dice and tabletop accessories, as well as donate dice to kids school groups. We also have a monthly dice subscription service. We've been in business for a little over 3 years.

A deck of 71 curse cards for use in your next TTRPG session. Featuring hand-drawn, tarot-style art.

Creating high quality 4K animated battle maps for RPG game play. Bringing crafting, 3D printing, and all technology together.

Belli-buttons (jinyjin) is a one-stop booth for your nerd product needs. Our main item is our 1-inch pin back buttons and we currently have over 900 different designs from various genres and shows. We also have a wide variety of different products from prints to our custom playing card decks to stamps!

Makers of the Mistborn Adventure Game, Mistborn: House War, Little Wizards, and other fine gaming products

Author and publisher of original modern-day fantasy.

Designing boardgames with a cooperative and narrative experience. Launching our premier Coop fantasy dice game Diceborn Heroes!

I sculpt miniatures and busts under the name Frozen Ninja 3D. I am also an avid painter and collector of miniatures and board games.

A hobby game company with humble beginnings, with an outstanding selection of amazing products, hard-to-find items, an impressive gaming space, daily scheduled events, and a staff that genuinely wants to help!

Board game designer and publisher, specializing in mid-to-light complexity games.

We are a small games publisher based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in fantasy roleplaying and card games.

This is the premium site for D20 keychain prisons and corresponding sets!! Each Prison is handcrafted unto perfection!!! Perfect for all your dice gaming needs!!

Geeky products for the plague, including glasses and hearing aid friendly, no-fog face masks, and scented hand sanitizer. Might as well have some fun while doing what's necessary!