March 5-7, 2021
Reaper U Schedule

Painting Scales

Rhonda "Wren" Bender

Basic Painting

Saturday, March 6 2021

20:00 - 22:00

The sculpted texture of scales can vary from large plates to finer interlocking scales. In this class, award-winning painter Rhonda “Wren” Bender will demonstrate some useful techniques for painting the major types of scale textures. Then she will show you a few tricks to take your scaled figure to the next level by adding a bit more dimension and detailing. You will have opportunities during the class time to practice on your own figure and ask questions. To make the most of the class, try to have a hairdryer available to dry your paint more quickly, a soft larger brush for drybrushing, and a brush with a fine point for detail painting. Please see the class handout for suggestions for alternative figures and paint colours.
Please rinse your Bones figure with isopropyl alcohol or scrub it with soap and water before the class.
77695 Nagendra Swordsmen 9106 Flow Improver 9107 Brush-on Sealer 9109 Ruddy Leather 9136 Walnut Brown 9247 Saffron Sunset 9303 NMM Gold Highlight 89510 Numeria Rust 8604 or other detail brush 8503 or other large general brush 8502 or other drybrush brush A hairdryer