March 5-7, 2021
Reaper U Schedule

Airbrush usage 101

Dan Holmes

Basic Painting

Sunday, March 7 2021

16:00 - 18:00

How to use an airbrush, how to thin paints, how to select what kinds of paint to use, basic drills and skill building exercises.
Have an airbrush ready, with a couple different paints.
Paints: 9039 Pure White 9479 Solid Black 9044 Tanned Skin 9028 Muddy Brown 9402 Heraldric Red 9484 Pale Saffron 9418 Oceanic Blue Mediums: 9106 Flow Improver (or Golden wetting agent or Liquitex flow aid additive) 9216 Retarder (or Golden retarder or Liquitex slo-dri fluid additive) Acrylic Medium (Golden high flow medium or Liquitex airbrush medium) Water (distilled is best, but tap is fine) Tools: Mixing bottles, or a welled palette and pipettes (Something to mix mediums and colors in and then transfer to the airbrush) Toothpicks or micro brushes (to mix paint) Airbrush and reliable air source (both small and medium needles are used) Figure: 77644 King of Hell